Yearly Archives: 2009

DeeElfe & Acid Kirk – Exquisite Opposite Mix

Head over to the mixes pageĀ for an exclusive acid techno mix from DeeElfeĀ and Acid Kirk!

1. Random Xs “fading away” (djax-up 176)
2. 303 Nation “tres” (planet core)
3. Detroit Grand Pubahs “doctor booty grabber” (Intuit Solar)
4. …

Amen-talist Movement Round 2

Amen-talist Movement Round 2

Structural Damage is proud to bring you a joint release with Ideation records, Acroplane Records and Amen-tal!

As the saying goes, ‘when you are tired of the amen break you are tired of life’, but before you reach …

Mozarfucker – Renaissance

Mozarfucker - Renaissance

Out now on Structural Damage Records, Mozarfucker‘s excellent Renaissance LP. Straying dangerously close to glitchy IDM dementia on tracks like ‘Emergence Matinale’ and disturbing abstract soundscaping on ‘Nostalgie Future’ before pulling back to viciously bitchslap you in the face …

The Grand Ayatollah – Circa Then

The Grand Ayatollah - Circa Then

The latest slab of Structural Damage noise comes from The Grand Ayatollah (aka DJ The Blade) who has given us 10 tracks of irreverent gabber, gonzo sample fisting and rungle-clotted amen destruction that leaves few genres un-violated. Guaranteed to leave …

Nailbomb Cults – Ravecore Mixtape

Yet another exclusive mix, this time from the Nailbomb CultsRavecore Mixtape. A sweet 45 minutes (that’s one side of a C90 cassette, kiddies) of mangled jungle, breakcore and gabber with a distinct raver-flavour for mashed up party …