Monthly Archives: March 2012

PARALYZING DEVICE 4 benefit for autistici/inventati (AMSTERDAM MARCH 30TH)
It’s gonna be an electronic music night ranging from dubstep to breakcore to more extreme sounds and experimentation with:
Dj Balli (Sonic Belligeranza – IT)
Hyena (RXSTNZ – IT)
Hellboy (Structural Damage/ Rancorous Rec …

SDmix023 – Acid Kirk – Acid Scavengers

Acid Kirk is back for a 3rd appearance on Structural, this time delivering us almost 2 hours of brilliant music in this exclusive mix. Simply one of the greats.

SDmix022 – Biofix LIVE@La Gougoute à Pépé

Full Improvised live set dating back to January 2008 from one of our favorite sons.

Soundcloud Update

The soundcloud has been given a slight tweak and more music added. Go and check it for more info !


Lee  has been playing at raves, parties for many many many years in his own unique way … mixing his records not only in the U.K and abroad. Hugely Experienced DJ ….He has been involved with Structural Damage since before …