Structural Damage Records is pleased to welcome a new artist to our ranks, Biofix from Brussels.

The Biofix concept was born in 1997. Laurent Jansen created his first music with electronic instruments (sampler, drum machine and synthesizer) constantly looking for sound originality. In 1999, Laurent with a guitarist started a second project, named “Textures”. This was followed with other collective projects. From this experience, Laurent’s music became more electro/rock/ambient oriented. From concert to concert, the Biofix concept was enriched with video, dance and by live painting and poetry reading. Now, Laurent is focused on deeper rhythms. In his electro music cockpit, he loves to control all parameters that allow him to let his live set flows like he feels it.

Biofix Photo

Structural Damage Releases:

Biofix - 4 Dimensions Cover Image

Biofix - 4 Dimensions

  • Artist: Biofix
  • Title: 4 Dimensions
  • Released: 23 March 2011
  • Cat no.: SDamage 0013
  • Format: 1 Track MP3 (42mb .mp3 + artwork)
  • Genre: Techno
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