Stazma is a breakcore artist hailing from the south of france, in contact with several belgian labels such as electrokillah and Ylloyk and already has a vinyl released on the notorious peace off record label. Stazma the junglechrist can be compared to an explosion of rasta entrails covered by a hot molten layer of melted vinyl. Apocalyptic breakbeats, this guy uses all his influences in music, extreme metal, reggae, funk, hip hop, sex, drugs, and of course rock ‘n’ roll!

Ready for some crazy raggametalcore stuff! Listen to the JUNGLECHRIST!

Stazma Photo

Structural Damage Releases:

Stazma - Slow Motion Strike EP cover

Stazma - Slow Motion Strike ep

  • Artist: Stazma
  • Title: Slow Motion Strike ep
  • Released: 11 January 2011
  • Cat no.: SDamage 0011
  • Format: 8 x MP3 with artwork
  • Genre: Dubstep
Download Slow Motion Strike ep
Stazma - Car Crash Soundtrack cover

Stazma - Car Crash Soundtrack

  • Artist: Stazma
  • Title: Car Crash Soundtrack
  • Released: March 2009
  • Cat no.: SDamage 0003
  • Format: 5 x MP3 with artwork
  • Genre: Breakcore
Download Car Crash Soundtrack