Straight out of France, Structural Damage’s latest new artist is the mighty Feuh!

The four members of Feuh run on a steady diet of Punk, Techno, Noise and Hardcore. Their hybrid motor starts on humanoid rhythms, rumbling over devastating fucked up riffs to finally implode in the bodies of resonance…(if that makes any sense) No? It doesnt matter!!! Their history has led them to play through many diverse musical scenes in France all the way to Czech tek.

They have provided support for some of the best the underground has to offer including: Miss Helium, Vigilante, Malakwa, Phonetic Order, Dupek, Human Side, DK Dance, Block H95, Logre, Td+, UZUL, having already featured on our second various artists compilation! It’s time to unleash the chaos and bring you a full length E.P! SOON!

Feuh photo

Structural Damage Releases:

Feuh - Trash Test Cover Image

Feuh - Trash Test

  • Artist: Feuh
  • Title: Trash Test
  • Released: 22 June 2011
  • Cat no.: SDamage 0014
  • Format: 10xMP3 (130mb .zip + Artwork)
  • Genre: Metal, Breakcore, Punk, Digital Hardcore
Download Trash Test