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Detroit’s native Son;
A Sharp had grown up listening to Motown, Funk, Electro, Freestyle, Hip Hop. As a teenager during the Second Wave of Electro and Techno’s Revival he had minimal participation in the…

Acid Fox

System Overload
System Overload
System Overload
System Overload
System Overload

Acid Kirk

Acid Kirk

Cedric kicked off his career as a DJ and techno composer / producer under the pseudonym “Acid Kirk” in 1993. He quickly established himself as one of the most revered figures in the Belgian…

Airborne Drumz

Electronic music producer. making music since 2005. Played 50+ gigs in 15+ cities in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Austria. Already releasing 4 full albums, and a lot of material on compilations in the…

Analog Devices

The efflorescense of the persona deeply attached to analog instruments and all that surounds them.
Analog Devices has been creating music for over twenty years. It began in the late 80′s when

Baby Kruger

Structural Damage Records is proud to welcome to our ranks music producer and sound designer extraordinaire Natalie Garcia aka Baby Kruger aka White Drama, originally from Bordeaux and currently residing in Brussels. Over the…


Bastard Squad

Bastard Squad is the collaborative endeavours of 2 freaks from Belgium, Industrial electro/techno with occasional apearances from other like minded artists from Structural and beyond


Biofix Photo


Structural Damage Records is pleased to welcome a new artist to our ranks, Biofix from Brussels.
The Biofix concept was born in 1997. Laurent Jansen created his first music with electronic instruments (sampler, drum…

C-Kel Photo


Reclusive DJ from Belgium specializing in many different styles of Electro music. One to listen to.

Casual Suspekt Photo

Casual Suspekt

Head of the Facial Ejak underground collective in Belgium, Jeff aka Casual Suspekt along with his legion of DJs and followers have been involved organizing really good parties in Belgium for many years now.…


D-Jack is one of the pioneer of the Belgium Techno scene. Already deejay in 1986 in a funky Hip-Hop style, he turned to electronics around 1987. He created the B.W.P. Experiments… in 1989


DeeElfe fell in love with electronic music when she began to party in the early 90′s in famous clubs and underground parties… 10 years later she got her first technics and began her vinyl…

Djvtr Avidyasound

The human being consists of three categories marked by parameters that vary continuously between the ends of a tripolar system variables. We can say that any individual is a mixture, in varying proportions,

Feuh photo


Straight out of France, Structural Damage’s latest new artist is the mighty Feuh!
The four members of Feuh run on a steady diet of Punk, Techno, Noise and Hardcore. Their hybrid motor starts on…

Francis Lanfranc

Francis Lanfranc is one of aliases of Naoki Yamaguchi aka Cosmic Soul. He hails from Tokyo Japan and is one of the most exiting Detroit Techno and House producers to emerge in recent times.…


Mutant child of Absorbia, It is in deep bunkers and in isolation that for over a decade Mike has been crafting his music using analog and digital machines as his tools to express himself.…

II of us

II of us is the collaboration project of mozarfuker (ataraxi) and hellboy. It began in 2010/11 when Seb came to the UK on a visit. A 2 track EP was written in the space…

Photo of Kragle


On the lighter note of C at the lower end of the keyboard. Kragle likes to make vicious metal/break noise, silly happy slap breakcore & generally stupid remixes of various pop tunes.  BUT HE…


Belgian DJ, Krasius has always been a admirer of all things electronic. He started his late night adventures in the middle of the 90′s always trying to deepen his musical knowledge. A great fan…

L-Reak Photo


Structural Damage proudly welcomes and presents one of Belgiums finest DJs. Eric (L-Reak) has been spinning vinyl at underground raves and parties all over for donkeys years… so it’s only natural we sign him…


DJ from Brussels Belgium, from DJ sets to organising nights. He is currently running his newest night “Audiovisible” putting on events, supporting up and coming DJs and live acts from the local area and…

Mozarfucker Photo


A self taught mucisian, it’s with the saxophone that Mozarfucker first started to share his music and express himself. His teen years were spent at the centre of an experimental rock-metal band in which…


Lee  has been playing at raves, parties for many many many years in his own unique way … mixing his records not only in the U.K and abroad. Hugely Experienced DJ ….He has been…

Overnoiz Photo


Born on the 4th of June 1981 in La Louvière, Belgium. When he started listening to electronic music in 1993 he quickly discovered he would dedicate his whole life to nl gabber & underground…

Ozzy Ozwald Photo

Ozzy Ozwald

Breakcore producer from Charleroi, Belgium with releases on Peace off, Fkin beat and Bankizz records.


Structural welcomes Microwave into our ranks. With over a decade behind him working in music from DJ, Production and engineering work in the darkest pits of Brussels he is one of the best kept…

Stazma Photo


Stazma is a breakcore artist hailing from the south of france, in contact with several belgian labels such as electrokillah and Ylloyk and already has a vinyl released on the notorious peace off record…

Terrorhate Photo


Terrorhate started his mashup life back in 2004 with his friend Faux Pride (D-trash Records) listening to old Digital Hardcore records. When Faux Pride returned from travelling Marionette Records… was born. Co-run by Terrorhate

The Grand Ayatollah Photo

The Grand Ayatollah

Gliding in from Rigel 5, The Grand Ayatollah arrived on this earth during the mid 1980s in a similar fashion to Sun Ra, but with less sequins and Egyptian iconography. After adjusting to his…

Trotyl Photo


Trycloid Photo


The indescribable and controversial Valentin Spitaels is arguably one of the best kept secrets on the music circuit. An absolute powerhouse vinyl DJ with a musical vision that helped to start the career of…


Xylof Aka Yo was born in 1980 in Britain. In 1993 he founded the group “Neuron Zero”. A Punk / Metal / hardcore with whom he made several concert in the squat bar and…