Baby Kruger

Structural Damage Records is proud to welcome to our ranks music producer and sound designer extraordinaire Natalie Garcia aka Baby Kruger aka White Drama, originally from Bordeaux and currently residing in Brussels. Over the next few months expect to see a lot of activity from this creative powerhouse including collaboration work and full release on the label. This has been a long time coming for Natalie so welcome on board. Go Nat!

After several years at the forefront of the Bordelaise Industrial Rock scene within the sulfuric and avant-garde lineup “Black Hole” which she joined at the age of 18, Integrating electronic analog devices and an touch of  hip hop vocal work… Nathalie Garcia aka Baby Kruger courted the electro scene, became a DJ and promoter of some savage parties, spawning raves and bastard clubs. This (mad)emoiselle then went on to compose and perform her own live electronic music where the efficiency of her mighty breakbeats combined with rich harmonic tones that were worked clearly, with electroacoustic and electronica values.

Having received a 1st at the musical conservatory of Bordeau in 2006 after 4 years of studies in computer music and acoustics, she was quickly taken under the wing of the very good local collective of musicans “Neurosystem” who’s members are dispersed also in many parts of europe.

In 2005 she leaves france for Belgium where she finds the dynamic and the musical quality she was searching for in order to further push her own boundaries and make her projects evolve even more.

Live sets with Schizoid tracks in a post-rave spirit that charm just as equally the people on the dance floor to the serious listener, she integrates a new touch of abstract hip hop and vocal work into her music to serve us a unique tapestry of sound in a strange language.

Braindance, electronica, hiphop, rock or radical techno: this is hardcore musical poetry.