DeeElfe fell in love with electronic music when she began to party in the early 90’s in famous clubs and underground parties… 10 years later she got her first technics and began her vinyl collection, mostly electronica & electro

… then the second technics and more techno and acid tunes… and little by little her collection is growing…

She took her time for early gigs. First ones in little bars, then in 2007 her 1st festival in France, couple of radio shows, private parties (2 were in Switzerland) etc … in 2009 her 3rd times in France, a rave in Ghent, bars. ¬†She is a full member of 2 crews: Nomadic Arts Organisation (Scotland) and Maldita (Belgium)

These days, regularly playing at parties around Belgium. GO D!!!

Structural Damage Mixes:

DeeElfe - SDmix42 - DeeElfe - ReWind

  • Mix by: DeeElfe
  • Mix Title: SDmix42 - DeeElfe - ReWind
  • Cat no.: SDmix42
  • Mix Genre: Ritual from outa Space
Download SDmix42 - DeeElfe - ReWind

DeeElfe - Swallow Pupils Faces

  • Mix by: DeeElfe
  • Mix Title: Swallow Pupils Faces
  • Cat no.: SDmix021
  • Mix Genre: Techno/Acid
Download Swallow Pupils Faces
electrOcean Cover

DeeElfe - electrOcean Mix

  • Mix by: DeeElfe
  • Mix Title: electrOcean Mix
  • Cat no.: SDmix010
  • Mix Genre: Electro, Psychedelic
Download electrOcean Mix

DeeElfe - Bitchcakes Mix

  • Mix by: DeeElfe
  • Mix Title: Bitchcakes Mix
  • Cat no.: SDmix008
  • Mix Genre: Techno
Download Bitchcakes Mix