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Bastard Squad

Bastard Squad is the collaborative endeavours of 2 freaks from Belgium, Industrial electro/techno with occasional apearances from other like minded artists from Structural and beyond


Analog Devices

The efflorescense of the persona deeply attached to analog instruments and all that surounds them.

Analog Devices has been creating music for over twenty years. It began in the late 80’s when he swapped his electric guitar for …


Xylof Aka Yo was born in 1980 in Britain. In 1993 he founded the group “Neuron Zero”. A Punk / Metal / hardcore with whom he made several concert in the squat bar and Brittany and Paris with his acolytes …

Djvtr Avidyasound

The human being consists of three categories marked by parameters that vary continuously between the ends of a tripolar system variables. We can say that any individual is a mixture, in varying proportions, three physical and psychological components.


D-Jack is one of the pioneer of the Belgium Techno scene. Already deejay in 1986 in a funky Hip-Hop style, he turned to electronics around 1987. He created the B.W.P. Experiments in 1989 with some dj’s friends in Brussels. …