As we slowly enter the end of 2011, weve got a few more free releases lined up along with the launch of our new digital download section in the online shop.  The first release is due out in December. All we are saying is that most of the rosta is getting pretty damn busy.

In the spirit of the label its been decided that MP3 versions of this new series will still go out free or for a very minimum cost for higher res. You will have the chance to directly be able to support your artists and shout them a beer or two by purchasing full WAV versions of their forthcoming musical creations. We had better get round to doing a paypal donate thing soon too but everyones fucking broke anyway, but those kind hearted souls would be supporting the underground 😉

In the meantime theres some new musics on soundcloud, strongly recommend this new mix by L-Reak for starters. Download it ! Fresh of the decks.


L-Reak ACID pt7 211111 by structuraldamagerecords

ps: some instrumental versions of the 12″ have finally surfaced 😉 and have started circulating on the web. If you buy yer nan a few vinyls we might throw a link to some goodies your way 😉


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