Hellboy – Catcast 2 (mix for fatcat records)



SDmix018 – Hellboy – Catcast 2. Mix for Fat Cat Records. (out on 27/07/2011) by structuraldamagerecords


Hellboy (Michael McDowell) is a musician / producer and Head of Structural Damage Records.
This is his second podcast for FatCat Records.
He has fused and remixed favourite tracks from the very early days of FatCat with some of his own personal influences.
In true Hellboy style, once again this podcast takes you on a sonic journey ploughing relentlessly through a veritable pot-pouri of electronic music…starting from the moody trip hop/electro vibes of Jonathan Saul Kane (The Octagon Man) all the way through to notable artists I-F, Mike Dred (The Kosmik Kommando), a remix of FatCat’s Max Richter, V/VM and many more…



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