Raveolution 92 Video

RAVEVOLUTION 92′ par Seal_Phuric

check out this video ! … its beautifully captured a moment in time , near the very beginning of techno and rave culture in belgium …

a lot of the people who are in/credited in this video and the others who no doubt were there but who we cant see.. went on to release music that became regarded as classics of the genre, …Many were in one way or another highly influential on the belgian electronic music scene resulting in the next waves of artists and Djs that are here today.

While a few have become household names DJing in the capital’s big clubs, some of the producers continued to push their own boundaries are still working ahead of their time having expanded their technique into more fields and wider aspects beyond the dynamic, physical limitations of electronic music , while on another spectrum some released those weird classic obscure underground records that nobody knows (but you want in your fkin record box)… some went bonkers, some went mad … some fight to survive, like a lot of people who believe and fight for music these days.. thats life in the end its goes full circle..at least for now until the world breaks or the people wake up .. to those who fought and who fight alongside us today still. respekt


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