SDamage0020 is almost here !

Can you beleive it… Structural is on its 20th net release … almost 4 years old already and one vinyl in the bag… another 2 on the horizon, more free releases, more mixes… more music. Im releasing my 1st proper e.p on the label to celebrate the 20th release. It should be up in around a week or so. watch this space 😉
“I couldnt resist to make one final track for this ep im giving away… so TRACK 6 …. will be released along with the finished mixes, i finished mastering them last night after finally being back in my studio properly… happy with the new mixes , some are very very different to the “track a week releases” … should be about a week away till its all up on structural damage, thanks to those who listened and downloaded the tunes, cheers !”


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